Garden Spot Shooter Is Rifle Champ After 4-Way Tiebreaker

LL All-Stars
Leksi Bender

Lancaster-Lebanon League Rifle has recognized its 2022 all-stars and top scorers at its individual tournament. (Pictured is Garden Spot champ Leksi Bender.)

All-stars are based on the average of shooters' top 12 scores of the season with 100 being perfect. The league tournament was based on 20 targets worth 10 points each for a perfect score of 200. Tiebreakers include the number of perfectly centered shots.


James Gossert, Governor Mifflin, 99.6

Alyssa Dunn, Manheim Township, 99.6

Leksi Bender, Garden Spot, 99.5

Ava Howard, Ephrata, 99.5

Jackson Adams, Manheim Township, 99.4

Matthew Sauder, Garden Spot, 99.3

Luke Turner, Elizabethtown, 99.2

Nate Sauder, Manheim Central, 99.1

Parker Bryant, Elizabethtown, 99.1

Dominic Santamaria, Conestoga Valley, 99.1

Top 10 in League Tournament
(with score and centers)

1. Leksi Bender, Garden Spot, 200, 2

2. Kate Kruft, Elizabethtown, 200, 2

3. Sierra Land (Tie), Conestoga Valley, 200, 0

3. Alyssa Dunn (Tie), Manheim Township,200, 0

5. Ava Howard, Ephrata,199, 3

6.,Emily Hammer, Governor Mifflin, 199, 2

7. Luke Wenger, Manheim Township,199, 2

8.,Nate Sauder, Manheim Central, 199, 1

9. Alex Fehrenbacher, Manheim Township,199, 0

10.Parker Bryant,Elizabethtown,199, 0

Rifle All-Stars 2021-2022

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